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Kyle Felter




Kyle Felter - Guitar/Vocals: 28 years old born and raised on the Navajo Reservation. I was raised on metal music, strictly 80s metal. I picked up the guitar when I was 14 years old to recreate the sounds of guitar solos from bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Randy Rhoads, Pantera, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Joe Satriani. I never took lessons, but that never stopped me from wanting to learn songs and eventually create my own style a blend of "OLD SCHOOL, NO SCHOOL, MY SCHOOL". I started IDK in 2008, playing originals right away, because being a cover band was never my style. Music has always been my escape, my guitar has always been an extension of what I think and how I feel. I play music because music chose me. I have always been a guitar player, never gave a second thought about singing. I soon got tired of line-up changes, singers coming and going so I decided to do it myself. Taught myself to sing and play and much to my surprise our fans enjoyed it. I am constantly looking for opportunities to take our music everywhere. To show that us Native Americans can make music with the best of them!


 I Dont Konform

I Dont Konform is a band born out of the discontent and frustration of life on a Native American reservation. Where opportunity is limited and potential wasted; while resources are mismanaged by a tribal government who would rather line there pockets and misappropriate funds for their own personal benefit than take care of their people. Originally brought together in 2008 by guys with similar backgrounds and interests with an idea of bringing the raw energy and aggression back to the underground Heavy Metal scene with some not so politically correct opinions and a "Non-Konformist" attitude. In 2010 the band relocated to Phoenix, AZ, "The Valley of the Sun", to search for new opportunities in school, work, and most importantly music. Even after losing money on shitty demos, several line-up changes and a stale music scene brought on by a pay to play mentality with local promoters, not much progress was made. As 2012 rang in, our momentum started to build. We released "We R IDK" E.P. and invaded local radio station KUPD with an unannounced set live from their parking lot during "Homberg's Morning Sickness" radio show. Through word of mouth and networking we soon became a sought after band, getting offers for shows by the Valleys' prominent heavy metal promoters,. The excitement was overwhelming getting opportunities to open for bands that were influences and bands that we've only seen on vinyl sleeves and in music videos. Due to unforeseen circumstances the band dissolved in 2014, with Kyle and Brett the core of IDK moving back to the Navajo Reservation and upon our return, and to our amazement there was an underground scene resurging. With IDK trimming down to a trio the sound got tighter and more intense, with less glitz and frill that most local metal bands are aspiring for. Despite our ups and downs and sometimes rocky journey, it has always been the music that has kept the idea and meaning behind being a "Non-Konformist" alive. Where ever we may end up we will always enjoy the simpler things in life (good food, good company, good times), awesome tunes, and keeping the true attitude and spirit of rock music alive. We are friends, we are family, and we have similar ambitions and goals. With our own unique blend of "old school, no school, and my school" we create an experience like no other.