Junior Advisory Council

We would like to say thank you to our former Junior Advisory Council. Each of them were part of the 2017 high school Graduation Class and are now in college furthering their education.

We are proud of their committment to create the NAMF and for their mission to provide instruments, workshops, and trips for their community for the past four years.


Please Welcome Our Junior Advisory Council for 2017

Gwendolyn Morgan-Flowers

Born: Flagstaff, AZ

Community:  Ft Defiance, AZ

School: St Michael Indian School

Grade: 10

Instruments Played: Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboard, Native American Flute, and Music Writer

Why I want to help the NAMF: I have lived my whole life on the Navajo Reservation, and I have seen the abuse and poverty here. I have been bullied at school and in the community. I want to help other children to have fun and have a safe place to come. I want to teach the children not to be afraid and have a voice. I want to be a mentor to other children. I believe that we can make a difference. I know I can make a difference, because I have helped my friends and strangers.


Dale M Boyd














Born: Ft Defiance, AZ

Community:  Window Rock, AZ

School: St Michael Indian School

Grade: 11

Instruments Played: Drums, Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitar, Learning Keyboard and Music Writing.

Why I want to help the NAMF: Bringing in the youth and inspiring the kids is a special gift. I believe I can do that for others, my age and younger.