About Us

Welcome To Our website.

We are a group of teens helping our Native Community. We began this page in 2014 to help bring music to the Reservation.  Our mission is to provide keyboards and guitars to the children. We are raising funds via our GoFundMe site and through donations. We will be offering free workshops to the teens throughout the year.
"Music can change the world because it can change people."  -Bono


 Reservation Life And Impacting Our Community


The Navajo Nation is the largest reservation in the United States.

42 % unemplyment 
43 % live below poverty
56 % have a high school degree
7 % have a college degree.

We know by statistics that:

Children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies andmore advanced reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music.   
Music programs are constantly in danger of being cut from shrinking school budgets even thought they're proven to improve academics.
Children who study a musical instrument are more likely to excel in all of their studies, work better in teams, have enhanced critical thinking skills, stay in school, and pursue further education.
Regardless of socioeconomic status or school districts, students who participate in high-quality music programs score 22 % better on English and 20 % better on math standarized exams.
Students who particiapte in music groups at school and in programs report a lower incidence of all substances, ( tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs).


We hope to bring music to the children and make a difference in the way they view the World.
We believe that music is healing.
We believe that as a team we can improve our communities and the World.
We have a dream. Give us a chance to bring healing and love to the Rez, and the World.


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