Mariachi Christmas

12/21/2017 13:38
We would like to thank everyone that donated to the Mariachi Christmas Day.Each year we plan a day to the City for the children that participate in our music workshops.This Christmas, we were able to purchase seats in the Orchestra area at the Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque, NM.It is an all day...

We Are In Need of Items to Repair Some Instruments

09/19/2017 14:22
Some of our instruments are in need of new strings and basic repair.Most of the time, we can do those little things ourselves. We need some instruments also...... Guitars of all shapes and sizes.Violins and cellos.... Hand Drums....Concert Ukuleles.... Drums and drum heads.We could take anything...

New Website

08/24/2017 13:36
We are in the process of redesigning out website.Please stay tuned.We have some wonderful community projects planned.

NAMF Raises Money To Take 35 To the Broadway Production Of The "Lion King"

10/19/2016 14:13
During the past 9 months the NAMF raised $4300 to take 35 children, teens, and instructors to the Broadway Production of the "Lion King" in Albuquerque, NM.This adventure lasted all day, since the distance was over 3 hours one way. They rented two 15 person passenger vans to transport the children....


05/17/2016 09:12
Thank you CeMo for designing our new logo and for our new banner.

Madeline Nez Rocks The Music Workshop

11/17/2015 14:33

Johnnie Moe Teaches Harmonica To The Kids

11/17/2015 14:22

Here Is Our Of Our 10 Year Olds Playing Harmonica In The Background

11/17/2015 14:16

Louie Begay Is Gifted A Guitar From Blue Star Connection

11/17/2015 14:15

KeHugh Thunder Bolt Plays At The Nov 14 Music Workshop

11/17/2015 14:12
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