Peter Alexander Flowers


I would like to welcome each of you that have visited our website.

My Name is Peter, and I am the founder of the Native American Music Fund.

I was born on the Navajo Reservation, and I am the son of Michael Flowers and Mechelle Morgan-Flowers. My parents came to the Reservation in 1996 and are both nurses for the Tsehootsooi Medical Center in Ft Defiance, AZ. I have one sister, Gwendolyn Mechelle Morgan-Flowers, whom is now serving on the Junior Council for the NAMF.

I would like to tell a little bit about my story and about how the NAMF was developed. I was raised around music at very early age. I was attending St Michael Indian School, and I was a music student. We had a music class which taught guitar and keyboards. The school had some basic instruments, but the children did not have instruments at home to practice on. Our community, was very poor, and many did not have running water or electricity. I knew that in order to have music in the classroom, we needed instruments for my class mates.

I went home one afternoon, and asked my mother to help me raise funds to purchase instruments to gift the children during Christmas 2013. I began a GoFundMe page and that began fund raising for keyboards and guitars. We began the first "Adopt A Child For Christmas". That year we raised $12,000 and purchases a total of 60 guitars and keyboards. That was a very Merry Chirstmas for the school and for my friends.

In April of 2014, I developed a website and began our first "Youth Council". The program then wrote for our first grant and were award a $2000 from "Partners With Native Communities". During that time, I deveoloped the YouTube Channel and started our "Free Music Workshops". The community began getting involved, and then our local musicians started volunteering to help mentor the children.

The progam began, and it began expanding. The instruments started showing up, and the community began bringing their children.

I am currently, in college at Arizona State University, in Phoenix, Arizona. I am majoring in Accounting and International Business. Education is very important to me, and I know how important it is for me to continue mentoring the children and teens. This program was begun from a small idea I had as a teen, and has deveoloped into a sustainable program for my community and for our future scholars.

Please continue to support the Native American Music Fund by donating your time, instruments, and funding.


Peter Flowers