Martha Reich

11/12/2014 11:04

Thank you to Martha Reich.
Martha has been a dear friend to my mother and has been a wonderful example to the World with her music.

In response to the conflict witnessed in the world and her love for the earth, she released ‘GOD’S EYES’ along with the 2014 NM Music Awards winning Best Folk Song ‘I’D RATHER BE SURPRISED’. That version of GOD’S EYES featured

Martha Reich on guitar & vocals
Gregg Braden on wooden flute
Michael Kott on cello
Alicia Ultan on viola.
CO-produced by Grammy Award winning producer Larry Mitchell and Martha Reich.

GOD’S EYES; submitted to the 57th GRAMMY AWARDS for consideration in the style of an AMERICANA PERFORMANCE.

One-third of the proceeds from this project “PEACE HARVEST” are donated to the organization


Peace Harvest

We are so honored that Martha is so passionate about helping children and the World. Please listen to her music. She is a wonderful example to us here on the Rez.