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Teaching Children Guitar

09/29/2014 09:44
Many of the students at St Michael Indian School have been going out into the community to teach guitar lessons. Many need guitars of their own. We have been borrowing the guitars from the school. The kids we are teaching, do not have guitars at home. Please help by donating funds. Alex Webpage:...

We Need A New Piano

09/26/2014 14:04
We need some new pianos at our school. Can you donate a few dollars so we can buy some. We dream of ones that have headphones. Then I don't have to listen to all of those playing piano that need to practice more. Alex

Lara Croft

09/25/2014 10:11
I have been hanging out with Lara Croft. We are waiting for that first $2,000 to come in, and then we will start buying some instruments. Please donate to the Alex  

Navajo Statistics

09/24/2014 14:28
The total population of the Navajo people residing in their land is approximately 180,462 having a median age of 24 years old. The labor force in the places comprises 28% of their population which is a manifestation that only few numbers of people in the tribe are given the chance to work....

Keep Practicing

09/23/2014 13:14
We will be purchasing instruments, when we reach our first $2,000. Please donate few dollars. We are practicing, but need instruments. Please help us by donating a few dollars. If anyone knows of funders please contact me at: Visit our website...

Music Is Healing

09/22/2014 12:00
"I think music in itself is healing. It's an exploxive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music." ~Billy Joel~ Help us raise funds to help the Navajo Children. There are many things we can do in this World, if we could...

Donation From Muharraq, Bahrain

09/19/2014 09:31
Thank you Christine Hasan from Muharraq, Bahrain for your donations. She told me that "I am a Mad as hatter , mother grandmother, peace activist, teacher, counselor and Principal at Rainbows for Kids Nursery and I almost never answer my phones. Your youngsters in Fort Defiance have pulled on my...

Looking For Skin Walkers

09/18/2014 14:08
We will be having some fun and making some crazy videos to help raise awareness or our needs on the Reservation. Please sit back and have some fun with us.  

Please Join Hands With Us

09/17/2014 15:23
“Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear” ~Jon Bon Jovi, Best of Bon Jovi ~ Please join hands with us and donate a few dollars to buy some music instruments. Thank you to each of you that have donated. Alex Please visit our website at:

New Domain Name

09/16/2014 09:09
We have just received our new domain name for our Webite.
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