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"We Need Singing Lessons"

09/15/2014 07:48
We have posted our new YouTube Video "We Need Singing Lessons". Please watch and let us know what you thing.

Music Should Follow You

09/12/2014 07:15
When we teach the children how to play an instrument, we teach them a skill that can follow them throughout their life. Help us give a child this gift. Children are special gifts, they deserve music. Alex

Music Is Universal

09/11/2014 07:23
The language of mankind is universal. Music is part of the World. Our children deserve to have some music and fun in their lives. Please donate to our Music Fund. Bring the children some joy.

Why I Think This World Should End by Prince EA

09/10/2014 08:17
Please watch this video by Prince Ea. I believe I can make a difference in this World. If each one of you can open your hearts to this project, you can make a difference in the World too. Love begins within each of us. Please donate to make a difference in the lives of the...

Grandma Rose Morgan

09/09/2014 10:30
I want to say thank you to my Grandmother, Rose Morgan. She lives in Kentucky and has always supported her family with music. My mom talks about how she would always sing and take them to church. She would be at every band competition and made them take piano lessons every week. She is a story...

Please Donate to our "Native American Music Fund"

09/09/2014 06:45
There are so many in need here on the Reservation. We have reached 8 % of our goal. Please help us by donating a $1 so we can buy some instruments. Many are asking when we can go to the music store. Your support is needed. Please donate.

Please visit our GoFundMe Page

09/05/2014 01:36
Please visit our GoFundMe page: Native American Music Fund

Website launched

08/31/2014 01:35
We have launched this webpage to help generate funds to buy musical instruments here on the Navajo Reservation. We will collect the donations then purchase instruments for children in the schools that are in their school music programs. Most children here cannot afford musical instruments to...

Visiting The World

08/30/2014 22:01
Hello my name is Alex. I am from Ft Defiance, Arizona. I was born on the Navajo Indian Reservation, and I am helping raise funds to buy instruments to give to the Navajo children. I am a Sophmore at the St Michael Indain School, which is a catholic school, located in the middle of the Navajo...

St Michael Class os 2017

08/30/2014 21:46
This is our class of 2017.  Navajo statistics: Education (for ages 25+): 56% high school degree 7% college degree.  I wonder how many of us will graduate, then I wonder how many of us will earn a college degree. We want to graduate college, and we want to bring music into the lives...
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